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This was displayed in the back annex because Gary and Velli have recently had a new hood fitted.

Although black is the original colour for the model, they went with the tan stay fast canvas.

In the event of tied scores all winners will be recognised.

Well after what seemed like the start of summer at the Kimber Run four days previously, the weather turned cold, windy and damp for our meeting at the Micklem’s. Apologies from the Dickers, Dennys, Houghs, Kevin Roper, and Jasmine Goode.

I would like to hear from anyone willing to host a meeting next year.He had made a part for Scott Stephenson’s car - it looked like a disc with a groove around the outside – and I can’t remember what it was called.He is willing to undertake manufacturing small parts for members if they are unable to source parts elsewhere (he mentioned charging, but it would not be exorbitant, just enough for him to keep his hand in).They have only been in the house for about a year so the garage should be well organized with not much old stuff, slim pickings for souvenir hunters.Thanks to everyone who supported the meetings and events throughout 2017.

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