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21: The Return of the Sinister Six: ASM #334-350 Collects Amazing Spider-Man #334-350 and Spider-Man: Spirits of the Earth OGN Vol.22: Robin Bound: ASM #351-360 Collects Amazing Spider-Man #351-360 & Annual 25, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 11, Web of Spider-Man Annual 7 Volumes 23 and up: Not yet announced, but will include ASM #361-441 Marvel Masterworks editions are high quality, full color reproductions of original issues.He’s also a fine role model, with the motto “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.” Over fifty years of comic books focused on just one hero means there are great Spidey stories out there to read – so many, in fact, that it is hard to know where to begin or what order they should be read in.Add to that the gradual appreciation of back issues, and for a new fan it might seem like enjoying Spider-Man is an insurmountable task.

This page covers all of them – every issue, every collection – close to every mailing list for a notice whenever this page is updated with new collections – plus, a not-more-than-weekly ping about new comics content.

3 (2011 printing) #44-65 & Ann 4 (after #52) – An earlier printing stopped at #68 and did not included the Annual Essential, Vol. 6 #114-137 Giant-Size Spider-Man (1974) #1-2, Giant-Size Super-Heroes (1974) #1 Essential, Vol. 8 #161-185 Ann 11 & Giant-Size Spider-Man (1974) #6 & Nova (1976) #12 Essential, Vol. The missing #74 contained likenesses of the cast of Saturday Night Live, which Marvel does not have the rights to reprint.) Essential, Vol. 2 #32-53 & Ann 1-2, Amazing Spider-Man Ann 13, Fantastic Four #218 Essential, Vol. It debuted alongside Amazing Spider-Man #263 and Spectacular Spider-Man #101. 1 #1-18 & Annual 1-2, and Amazing Spider-Man #268 Essential, Vol.

4 #69-89 Ann 4 and 5 (after #62) – This is likely due for a reprint to eliminate the gap from the new Essential Vol. 9 #186-210 Ann 13-14 and Sp SM Ann 1 Essential, Vol. 11 #231-248 and Ann 16-17 Marvel Team-Up launched in March 1972 alongside Amazing Spider-Man #106 as a vehicle for Marvel to use Spider-Man’s popularity to print stories with other – frequently more-obscure – characters. 4 #76-78, 80-98, & Annual 2-3 Debuting in December 1976 alongside Amazing Spider-Man #163, Spectacular Spider-Man took its name from a short-lived Spider-Man magazine from the 60s. 2 Wo SM #19-32 & Annual 3, Amazing Spider-Man #293-294, and Spectacular Spider-Man #131-132 Have you ever wished you could own an entire series in one consistent, convenient, full-color bookshelf format? ” to answer that query, and in 2014 Marvel finally granted their wish with Epic Collections.

15: ASM #143-155 Hardcover (ISBN 0785166319) – Also collects Marvel Special Edition 1 Masterworks Vol.

16: ASM #156-168 Hardcover – Also collects Annual 10 Masterworks Vol.

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