Carolyn hax online dating

So either she’s changed her mind, in which case she needs to stop caring if others will judge her, or she still judges others, in which case she’s a hypocrite and needs to practice what she preaches.DEAR CAROLYN: Re: Permission She can tell friends she is dating men and taking time to get to know them before making serious plans and introducing them to her kids — a choice that seems wise.

So, instead of shooting him down as “inappropriate,” which just begs him to get defensive without providing much enlightenment, try explaining what you believe.

DEAR CAROLYN: Re: Gift I am a 35-year-old woman who is not even close to prudish, and I would be super weirded out if a guy I was dating for just barely two months bought me lingerie. 17 could make you more inclined, though, not less, to see this as too intimate.

Can’t hurt to have a conversation about the relative intimacy of gifts. There’s also the potential for the 17-year-old girl herself to respond to the gift as too much too soon — and natural consequences are generally more effective teachers than any third-party warning can be. DEAR CAROLYN: Re: Gift I just queried the 19-year-olds in our office and they all said ICK!!!!!

That buys you a lot of leeway when they’re older and you have an I’m-Older-So-I-Know-type opinion you think it’s important to convey.

All this being said: If you just think it’s too sexy for 17, then, probably best to see this as a stolen-horse/barn-locking-type situation.

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