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Jaywalk: Crossing a road through an unspecified point is jaywalk and is an offense under the Saudi law.

The offender can be imposed fine and can also be punished otherwise.

This is a money laundering offense which may result to harsh penalties by the Saudi Government.

Laws are so strict about alcohol that one may not find his favorite mouthwash Listerine that contains a ratio of alcohol as the ingredient.

Institutions such as Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance have been formed to trace the usage of illegal decoder boxes.

They have hired special teams to trace the illegal usage of the satellite.

Illegal employment includes working on Azad Visa, working for someone other than Kafeel, working on dependent’s visa, and working on Umrah or Visit Visa.

Littering: Littering may not be a serious offense in the native country of an expat in Saudi Arabia but it is a crime in Saudi Laws.

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