Consolidating toolbars

The resulting consolidated Pivot Table report can have the following fields in the Pivot Table Field List, which you can add to the Pivot Table: Row, Column, and Value.In addition, the report can have up to four page filter fields, called Page1, Page2, Page3, and Page4.If the range of data is likely to change the next time that you consolidate the data (that is, the number of rows may change), consider defining a name for each source range in the separate worksheets.Then use those names when you consolidate the ranges in the master worksheet.Consolidating data is a useful way to combine data from different sources into one report.

When you generate a report, you generate the selected component using its default properties, or adjust these properties to better address your current requirements.The separate worksheet ranges can be in the same workbook as the master worksheet or in a different workbook.When you consolidate data, you are assembling it so that you can more easily update and aggregate data regularly or as needed.For example purposes, you will learn how to create a Security report about Blocked Connections. You can decide whether you would like the associated generated Report to be deleted as well by changing the Report output delete method setting.If the Log Consolidation Engine is not running, you can start the Engine according to the Consolidation Policy that was last installed.

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