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[email protected] - Another Western Union Scam looking for money to be sent to them in Benin. [email protected] - Claims to be from China and wants to give you money. [email protected] Claims to be in hospital dying from cancer and wants to give you their money. [email protected] Another dying widow promising riches. FACEBOOK PHISHING SCAMMER EMAIL ADDRESSES: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] [email protected] PRomises check in return for large check. [email protected] [email protected] Possible romance scam or one seeking charity. [email protected] Tries to tell you that you have a criminal record. [email protected] Linked in phishing scam [email protected] Tech Support Phishing Scam. More like financial heartbreak for the rest of your life. They will illegally if you download any attachments. Fill out your information and send them money that you will never see again. Too bad the only thing you can delete with this is the email and not the sender. Probably claims to be from many different companies. [email protected] Claims to be from law office credit repair place. [email protected] Scam email address with South Korean domain. More like a trojan horse that will steal your passwords and financial records. [email protected] Another email address used in a fake FBI extortion. [email protected]& [email protected] World Bank Delegation wants to talk to you about your unpaid funds. [email protected] Claims you missed messages from google. [email protected] Tells you to claim your 100 dollar gift card. Tries to encourage website owner to buy domain rights in China. [email protected] Claims to be from the World Bank with an attached word document. [email protected] Asks you to verify arrest record by clicking on link. Send your money to Nigeria to Martin George hey he's such a nice guy he gives you his Cell Phone number 234-9097646315 [email protected]& [email protected] Lamia NAel is from Syria and has a business proposal for you. [email protected] Deidre O'Sullivan has a linked in message for you and it's a phishing scam. [email protected] Claimed to be from Coca-Cola, wants you to click on download with malicious software. [email protected] [email protected] part of an advance fee scam promising fictitious money. Don't click on the link or give these bad people any money. This crook claims he is going to give you 5000 dollars a day. [email protected] Another fraudster claiming your paypal account needs to be updated. they contact you via looking up your web page contact information. Named Bernard Fassasi, he is a lawyer who claims to offer you 9.5 million dollars. His phone number is 229-6746-9909 and his name (fake) is Frank Daniel.

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What they really have are trojan horses and virus if you click on their links. [email protected] Phishing scam that claims you have arrest record. [email protected] Phishing scam - Claims you missed phone call. Stay away from the link [email protected] Offers money but asks for bank account information. [email protected] Looking for bank account information to steal money from. [email protected] Claims you have 0,000 waiting for you from Western Union. Avoid the link [email protected] Classifieds and/or Craigslist scammer. After sending difference, check turns out to be fraudulent. Tried to give gmail reminder despite not having a gmail address. [email protected] Wants to give you a donation. Probably a computer virus sent by a real human virus.

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