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“Don’t you think they should first switch on the ceiling fans, fix the air conditioning and make it possible for us to open the windows? Much like Nairobi Railway Station, the Lunatic Express train is in a state of total neglect.

Although from the outside, the Lunatic Express is an average-looking modern train, the interior features wooden benches, some 1930s-style fittings, including cupholders and other metal fittings engraved with RVR, faded old posters and the occasional piece of original silver tableware.

The train was forecast to leave at 7 PM on Good Friday.

As Evelyn took our booking, she asked for our phone numbers “for when there is a delay.” I didn’t think much about that; we just booked our tickets and went on our way.

The part I was looking forward to most was traversing Tsavo National Park (now split into East Tsavo and West Tsavo).

Tsavo is most famous for the man-eating lions, as many unfortunates were to discover to their peril back in 1898.

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