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From the day I started zomblog, I have new zombietime essay, without fail. So that if you subscribe to the zomblog RSS feed, you are guaranteed to learn of any and all new posts at zombietime (as infrequent as they may be). In theory, I really to post on zomblog notifications of each and every new essay I pubish at Pajamas Media, but I often use up all my available “blogging time” just creating the PJM report in the first place, and never get around to making a zomblog post about it.zombietime is not just a place where I post photo essays: it also exists as a permanent museum of classic (yet still wildly popular) picture collections like the Mohammed Image Archive and the (woefully out-of-date) zombietime Hall of Shame, among others. My goal with zombietime is to maintain a complete “purity of message,” each report being a single self-contained page 100% devoted to nothing but whatever topic I’m addressing, with no outside distractions of any kind. Terribly disorganized of me, I realize, but until I really get my act together (not likely), my zomblog/PJM notifications will remain inconsistent.Overall, The Tatler is a fast-paced group blog at which PJM author can post quick breaking news links or timely punditry about current events.This link to the main “Tatler” page will show you all posts by all authors.As a result, posts appear at zombietime infrequently these days, sometimes with several months of inactivity between reports.But I still reserve zombietime as the possible exclusive venue for any particularly outré reports in the future.

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I also sometimes post single photos or mini photo essays at The Tatler, which is why it has pretty much supplanted the role formerly filled by zomblog.My online presence is not entirely limited to just zombietime and PJM.If you’re a real zombieholic, you can also find my work at… You Tube I have an account at You Tube under the name “zombietimedotcom,” and on occasion will take a video at one of the events I cover and upload it for inclusion in my report.Some of you may be wondering: What happened to zombietime? What’s the difference between zombietime and zomblog? • Facebook • Twitter • Flickr …or any other similar sites.And why does zombie sometimes write essays and posts that appear elsewhere, but not here? I probably should have written this post long ago, but I’ve never been good at promoting myself or at using “social media.” Better late than never, I suppose. Each of my four primary venues serves a different purpose, and so, for the first time ever, I’ll explain what each is for: 1.

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    Pop Fiction's best selling book, "She's Dating the Gangster", written by Bianca Bernardino (SGWanna B) as a Wattpad original, became the first Wattpad story adapted into a full-length motion picture starring Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

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