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Donald Trump found himself at the centre of controversy after saying there was “blame on many sides” and defended some of those protesting over the planned removal of a statue of Confederate general Robert E Lee.

A 20-year-old man from Ohio, who was said to have been an admirer of Adolf Hitler, has been charged with murder, after he allegedly drove his car into a group of people.

ACT, whose leader Brigitte Gabriel whose long issued statements denouncing Islam and claiming devout Muslims cannot be “loyal Americans”, announced its decision in the aftermath of neo-Nazi-led violence in Charlottesville that left one young woman dead and up to 20 people injured.

While there was violence committed by both the white supremacists and their opponents, most reports suggest the worst of the aggression was committed by the white supremacists, who had marched through the Virginia college town with semi-automatic weapons and tactical gear.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre, an Alabama-based research group that monitors extremism, said since ACT’s founding it had “grown into far and away the largest grassroots anti-Muslim group in America”.

It said that ACT had worked “to advance anti-Muslim legislation at the local and federal level while flooding the American public with wild hate speech demonising Muslims”.

These people speak of martyrdom, bloodbaths and killings, sentiments that can be heard on any Islamist recruitment video.

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Expressing dismay that two ranchers convicted of arson were ordered to serve out the remainder of their mandatory minimum prison sentences, members of various militia groups occupied a building at the wildlife refuge, declaring their willingness to fight the government and, if necessary, die for their cause.

The group claims the policies “prioritise real protection over political correctness, and celebrate American exceptionalism”.

But after thousands of people turned out to protest against white nationalism and white supremacy in Boston last weekend - a show of strength that led the organisers of the so-called free speech rally to cut short the event - ACT has said it is calling off its own rallies and will hold an online day of action instead.

These Americans thrive on hate and conspiracy theories, many fed to them by politicians and commentators who blithely blather about government concentration camps and impending martial law and plans to seize guns and other dystopian gibberish, apparently unaware there are people listening who don’t know it’s all lies.

These extremists turn to violence—against minorities, non-Christians, abortion providers, government officials—in what they believe is a fight to save America.

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