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While the majority of spoilers involving plot points of the current season will be hidden, this is not consistent depending on the situation, with just the presence of certain tropes being spoilers. An anthropomorphic pink Persian cat who is Bo Jack's on-and-off girlfriend and who doubles as his agent.

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Having starred in West Side Story and becoming a runner-up in a beauty pageant, Luann plans on becoming an entertainer.

Frank often seems clueless about what goes on, while Nancy is more aware.

Pitts High School's smartest student with poor personal fashion sense and gentlemanly qualities.

To Luann, he was sweet and sincere, but not her romantic ideal.

He joined Luann in volunteering to read to children at the local library, and showed an unexpected skill at sewing, making elaborate costumes based on the story Luann planned to read. He has a good deal of insecurity about his father deserting the family when Gunther was young, and worries that it was because of him.

Luann expressed ambivalence about Gunther, but to be a caring and genuine friend, volunteered to help him maintain his home when his mother broke her leg.

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