Dating hoffman piano

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The tangent acted as a bridge determining the speaking length of the string.

A mute was fitted to the non-speaking length, so when the key was released the note stopped singing.

The firm seems to have been called Webster and Horsfall, but later the best wire is said to have come from Nuremberg and later still from Berlin.

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The hammer dulcimer is an ancient instrument dating back to before Christ, and it originated in Iran.

The monochord is simply a sound box with a single string stretched over a movable bridge to the position required, which is determined by a scale marked by "0" on the surface.

The bridge is moved to each marking to give you a new note.

Towards the middle of the fourteenth century German wire smiths began drawing wire through steel plates, and this method continued until the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Iron, gold, silver, brass, gut, horsehair and recently nylon have been used for strings on many different instruments.

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