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However, the stainless steel Rolex Sky-Dweller comes with a bit of ‘stealth’ to be honest.

Where the Sky-Dweller in precious metals was a watch that could not be missed or mistaken for something else, at first glance the stainless steel Sky-Dweller looks quite similar to the 41mm Datejust models.

The 42mm case is rather large, but it suits the watch.

I’ve tried it on during the meeting (see our Instagram account) and it was actually quite comfortable.

Note: While a good number of these entries have either been Vindicated by History or are a Cult Classic, they still count as Creator Killers because of the damage they did at the time of their release.

The new Datejust 41 replica watches, Sea-Dweller with red writing and Daytona with rubber straps are all nice, but this Sky-Dweller ticks a lot of boxes for me.

It is not one of the sports models that you will basically see everywhere, instead it belongs into the category of the Rolex Datejusts and Day-Dates, but with extra functionality.

A closer look will make you discover it is a different watch due to the off-centre 24-hour disc on the dial.

Although this watch isn’t new, nor is the functionality of the so-called Ring Command bezel, it was the Fake Rolex Watch that impressed me most.

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