Dating scam egypt

If you're lucky, you've found us before you got scammed.

Maybe that dream girl you've been talking to for the past couple of weeks seems a little too good to be true?

He says there will not be a problem with his family as he is the oldest of four boys.

Are there certain things I should be "watching" for, changes in behavior that would signify that he is doing this just to stay in the US?

In this brief overview of our site, you will learn about some of those unique features that make the most complete website dedicated to stopping you from being scammed.That makes me wonder how well you know him if you are both so busy. When i asked him if this bothers him he says no and the fact that having children is out of the subject is ok with him to.Im just curious about his family, I guess I see all these posts of men "trying" to marry US women to be here in the US, Americans are frequently targeted by foreigners, so your concerns are legit.Submitted by Straight_Talk_Luigi (United States), Feb 9, 2009 at Here is your post: I have been "dating" an egyptian man for about a year.He lives here in US and has been here since 2000, He has talked about marriage on several occasions, more recently. A quick marriage is NEVER a good sign, even if you were to marry another native-born citizen.

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