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“The human cost of failing to address mental health in the workplace is clear.

Workplace mental health should be a priority for organisations across the UK.

Large employers and the public sector are expected to go even further, demonstrating best practice through external reporting and designated leadership responsibility.

Other recommendations include the creation of an online health and wellbeing portal to help employers access the tools and guidance they need, the use of digital technology as a means to support those working remotely or in the gig economy, and better protection for staff with mental health problems.

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That's why I am immediately asking NHS England and the Civil Service, which together employ more than two million people, to accept the recommendations that apply to them.Every employer in the UK has a responsibility to support employees with mental health problems and promote the mental wellbeing of their entire workforce.” Responding to the findings, Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England said: “Tackling workplace stress and mental health problems, at source, has the potential to improve the lives of millions of workers in both the private and public sectors.Employers have the opportunity to benefit directly while also lightening the load on the NHS’s expanding mental health services.“With so many of our leading businesses leading the way in this area, and reaping the rewards as a result, I am sure that the private sector will follow suit.“It is only by making this an everyday concern for everyone that we change the way we see mental illness so that striving to improve your mental health, whether at work or at home, is seen as just as positive as improving our physical wellbeing.” The Prime Minister also said she plans to write to all Metro Mayors and key business groups to draw attention to the review and encourage them to implement the recommendations in their organisations and across their networks.

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