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Like how do you meant to find out if your profile is good. Wasn't really looking for a serious relationship and was able to meet a few chicks from this site. The downside is many don't have profile photos you need to request.

Women don't think of the depression of men who get rejected. For those who are disgruntled users this is online dating you select who you chat and meet.

The Oasis dating app can be downloaded from the US, UK and AU Apple App Store free of charge.

As of March 2012, the user review stats for the Oasis dating app are: The Oasis dating app has a simple interface that is typical of many i Phone apps.

I wouldnt recommend it unless you are keen for a hookup Its a free site so .........

gets a lot of traffic most of which is bad I actually have met a couple of decent people on it and become friends nothing more we live in the same area so thats the commonality....

Then you site does allow to see other men's profiles to compare my profile too. And then by a complete twist of fate actually met someone who is crazily compatible with me. Bottom line, if you aren't having any success, don't blame the site. It's a shame, because there is no reason why what is provided shouldn't be a really good 'meeting place'. 2016, been to many dating sites but I find Oasis suit me because you can control who you want to chat and it's free.I am very disappointed in their attitude and also who would let a stranger in their home? Oasis active is the worst dating site in the world.Women on that site have no right to play god by being so judgemental on men's attraction.It has four main sections “Activity”, “Matches”, “Requests” and “Contacts”.Another nice feature of the app is that you can see if another member is currently online or not.

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