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Watch for these dynamics: It’s not always easy to spot dating violence, because some cases are less obvious.

Indeed, some teen relationships can seem outwardly perfect, especially if the perpetrator is savvy enough to refrain from abusing their partner in any noticeable way.

Then came the subtle abuse, which fooled her into believing “jealousy was adoration.” Finally, her partner began to physically abuse her.

She was held at gunpoint, punched into unconsciousness, emotionally manipulated via suicide threats, and nearly killed multiple times because of her partner’s dangerous driving.

The CDC emphasizes the importance of recognizing warning signs.

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In other cases, the abuse is overlooked because several myths surround teen relationships.Inexperienced as they are, they often struggle with basic elements of a romantic relationship.They deal with the same communication problems as adult couples, but often lack the emotional intelligence to solve them.Struggling to manage strong feelings, like jealousy, can also lead to conflict in what might otherwise be an idyllic partnership.When life gets complicated, many teenaged couples are ill-equipped to handle it.

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