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The Gamble of Being Unapologetically Me I believe writing this article is similar to writing the directions to solve a Rubik’s cube or giving someone the cheat codes to a complex video game. In relationships, the tendency to criticize and search for shortcomings in our partner can often supersedes all other thought processes. Or…perhaps, an opportunity to rediscover our partner in a new light. There is an underlying system of spousal/partner abuse I have observed with many of the couples I see. And difficulty finding him or her is what causes the most people to end up in my (and most shrinks’) office. “We communicate worse than anyone I have ever seen.

I thought my parents were bad…I never expected we would end up here.

In 2010, he met a real estate agent on a singles’ cruise.

The summer of 2015 the breach of the Ashley Madison cheating website left many marriages affected and even allegedly led to five suicides in the United States and Canada.Dubois, founder of luxury brand Dekad Lifestyle, recalls a bad date he had a few years ago.The next day, the woman texted him and asked if he knew of any clubs that were hiring bottle servers.“I don’t care if it’s blunt, it’s not what Linked In is for.It’s becoming far too common.” Those who choose to datework should exercise caution and make sure they are clear with their intentions to avoid any seemingly indecent proposals.

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