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“It doesn’t occur to you that something is abnormal” Award-winning actress Lorraine Bracco found herself suffering from low moods shortly after landing the part of Dr Jennifer Melfi on the hit TV series The Sopranos. Next month will be better.’ It’s like walking pneumonia. Or it’s a fever that you have all day long, all the time.

I was dead inside.” However, Lorraine still managed to put up a front in order to look after her kids.

Just in the way that migraines and depression or anxiety are thought to influence one another, sleep quality and quantity was shown to predict how often the participants got migraines.

Scientists think that the interaction between the brain stem and a major nerve path may lead to migraines.“The doctors tell you it was always present, I just didn’t recognise it,” says the singer. And therefore it doesn’t occur to you that something is abnormal.” The singer still managed to live her life without disrupting her hectic schedule.“You can be a functioning depressed person, the same way someone can be a functioning alcoholic,” says Myers.Sex is just one part of a relationship and relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps you are poly, bi, open minded, but perhaps you are solo too. I’d prefer a guy 25-45, who is adventurous and fun.

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