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is a powerful heroic Kong from Donkey Kong Island and the main protagonist of the Donkey Kong franchise (however, he has also been portrayed as a villain on multiple occasions, as seen in the Mario vs. He is a carefree ape who spends his days collecting Bananas and spends time with his friends, particularly his buddy Diddy Kong.

However, when trouble arises, Donkey Kong jumps headfirst into the action to help his friends and protect his island.

In Mario Tennis, Donkey Kong appears as a playable Power-type character.

In the game, Donkey Kong was the pet gorilla of "Jumpman" (later renamed Mario), but he escapes and angrily carries Mario's girlfriend Pauline to the top of a high construction site.

He is pursued by Mario and attacks him by throwing Barrels and creating living Fire.

After Stanley sprays Donkey Kong with insecticide three times to keep him off of the greenhouse floor, he runs away.

In the final stage (though after this the first stage follows again, tougher than before), Donkey Kong is forced back and gets his head stuck in a beehive.

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