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The vast majority of these people are laborers as the UAE continues to erect skyscrapers and huge shopping malls to accommodate the great numbers of tourists and business expats who come to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Virtually all the recent construction of the stylish skyscrapers was done by sweaty manual laborers from Asia in crews of thousands working in shifts day and night that could remind one of slave conditions—except they are paid.

As for these laborers I can’t say much about their private lives; my guess is they toil in Dubai for years on end with only a rare visit home.

Salaries for construction workers are about 0-300 a month.

People have a good idea of what the limits are and don’t usually push them.” The Sheikhs who run Dubai are not to be criticized and any ‘unusual’ activity’ is best kept out of sight and sound.

That said, there are no morality police in the streets switching women who wear skirts too short, no police entrapments for gays. Rather, they are big cities with millions of people, millions of cars, millions of business venues, millions of houses and condos.

But not all have grown as backward as Afghanistan, Libya, Saudi Arabia.

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While the West has taken an enlightened view of homosexuality Muslim countries have entrenched deeper against this natural variant of sexuality.

I traveled to the UAE where I visited four of the seven emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Fujairah) but primarily Dubai.

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