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Pity is not a strong foundation to build attraction on.

Even for the most talkative of women, this can feel a little overwhelming.

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Women want to be with a guy who has a sense of certainty in what he does and in what choices he makes.

Although you might think it’s a great way to get her to open up and that it will give her the impression that you really want to get to know the REAL her (unlike all the other guys), it usually just ends up as an awkward one-way conversation.

Do you really want to hear all the grizzly details of her past relationships or how she cut herself when she was shaving her legs earlier that day?

Yes, all is lost by the end of most first dates, and there is little hope for men to correct these issues . Many of these professionals have been helping men just like you for years and years; so believe in what they say. When your intentions are clear, your meeting will be purposeful.

Follow their steps, and your next first date will go great! Posturing some “better” version of whom you’d like to present is misleading to your date and sets the wrong tone for future interactions.

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