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You will need tools, I was glad I had the following tools: Scroll saw Drill press Router table Finish sander Doweling Jig... Get the plans printed full size (some pieces will need multiple copies because multiple pieces are needed) Cover one side of the MDF with masking tape. Then use removable spray adhesive to adhere the plan (template) to the masking tape side of the stock. We update quite frequently, so if you like our site, please go to our homepage, press ctrl D (to bookmark), and come visit us whenever you have time. It's actually changed a little sense the pics were taken. they won't sell the machine at your local DIY store, but they do sell everything but the vac-u-lock base and dildo. If anyone is interested in building their own Monkey Rocker ™ "like" dildo rocker, they should check out the build-your-own plans at funkyrocker com.

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