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It's very common to have the character explaining the joke wink at the audience, which can lead to homicidal mania towards winks. On a related note, when making jokes involving obscure references and memes here at TV Tropes, please It Makes Sense in Context if you knew that Dale Earnhardt, Jr.It's worth noting that this is often Played for Laughs, where the understand why it's funny). Compare Lampshaded Double Entendre and Euphemism Buster (close cousins of Variant 3), "Just Joking" Justification. and Michael Waltrip used to be teammates at Dale Earnhardt, Inc (the race team created by Dale Earnhardt, Sr, who had been killed at Daytona 10 years previously).Somewhere in their minds, I'm sure they must have believed that we spent most of our free time finding new ways to flunk them into oblivion.Most were very standoffish at first, treating us like the police or some other higher authority, but after a couple of days they finally figured out that we were actual human beings.It was our place; we had too many memories to give it up.We finally conceded though that, if we were going to keep it our little spot, we had to live with it.Sadly enough though we watched as our little sanctuary slipped into the hands of the mighty hordes.

And despite the title, sometimes you can get away with explaining the joke.We first found ourselves literally surrounded by Spring breakers, again not unusual for late March, but this particular year we found ourselves a literal magnet for many of the college hellions.It took them very little time to discover that we were both educators at a community college in our hometown of Columbus, Ohio.Often goes with an Incredibly Lame Pun and is how such pun can lead to a Collective Groan. Also Alternate Character Reading, where puns based on this trope might Lost in Translation for those not knowing the language used for the pun and has to be explained, killing the joke in the process. Contrast Stealth Pun (where absolutely no explanation is given), Am I Right? Not at all like Anti-Humor jokes, where the whole point is that the listener doesn't get the joke.

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