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Every fall movie season—or, more specifically, awards season—is uncertain.Until films have screened at the late-summer and early-fall festivals, in Venice, Telluride, Toronto, and New York City, we are faced with a vast field of unknowns.We’ll see what a screening at Toronto, followed quickly by a wide release, does for the movie’s awards and box-office momentum. that has masked her in her two post- Supreme Court case that made inter-racial marriage legal, received a warm reception at Cannes.Whatever the film’s fate, it will be good to see Nyong’o out from behind the C. Though I wasn’t quite as bowled over by the film as some other critics were, it’s still a strong film and its star, Ruth Negga, does remarkable work.The film, about a hunt for gold in Borneo, stars Matthew Mc Conaughey, Édgar Ramírez, and Bryce Dallas Howard, which is certainly an illustrious cast.Plus, Gaghan has Oscar history, winning best screenplay for (11/18), purchased by Amazon but set to get a theatrical release, was rapturously received at Sundance, and seems destined for at least some acting nominations, for Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams.This fall, Mel Gibson’s conscientious objector epic are bound together by a common narrative, one about our culture’s alarming forgivingness of charges of sexual violence, often dismissing them as “scandals” or “controversies” rather than, y’know, potential crimes.also intersects with issues of race—many have been rooting for the film, which is strong but not a masterpiece, partially because it comes at a time when the Academy is struggling to re-assess itself, groaning and lurching in fits and starts toward progress and change.

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) director Damien Chazelle, also bodes well for co-star Emma Stone.

With Denzel Washington directing and starring, alongside Viola Davis (who won a Tony for the same role, opposite Washington), this looking to be one of the highest-profile awards movies of the whole season—but it doesn’t look like many people will get to see it at any festivals before it opens.’s David Frankel.

It’s got a December release, and a mega-starry cast: joining Smith are Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Edward Norton, Michael Peña, and Naomie Harris. Then again, her the takeaway from what little he gave me was that the film is more drama than comedy.

Eastwood has had good luck securing nominations and wins for his actors in the past, but this one seems a bit too much like 2012’s (9/30), will get some attention for Mark Wahlberg and the rest of its manly cast (plus Gina Rodriguez and Kate Hudson), though it’s already facing some backlash.

Insanely, Berg and Wahlberg also have—yes, I’m serious— (11/23) will fare, but we probably shouldn’t count out the grand return of Beatty, nor the film’s ostensible lead: Alden Ehrenreich, the future young Han Solo.

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