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The woman was Susanna Keller, Anna Duggar's sister.A source confirmed to Radar that Michelle forbade Jill to help Susanna with her pregnancy and the family cut all ties with the mother. (Photo Credit: Facebook) It's no surprise considering their strict Christian beliefs that the Duggars find most modern music overly sexual and impure. Fortunately, many of the older Duggar kids have started breaking the rules.Below, all the rules the Duggar family must follow, even though they're broken from time to time.

Siblings of the opposite sex are not allowed to be alone together, play hide-and-seek together, babysit one another, and even sit on each other's laps.

(Photo Credit: Instagram) The Duggars don't date, they "court." Courting means "dating with the intent to marry," and the Duggar kids are required to include their parents in the process every step of the way. "Keeps things from going in the wrong direction," Jim Bob explained.

(Photo Credit: TLC) The Duggars are huge fans of side hugs.

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