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Like other Americans, Mormons are marrying later or remaining single altogether, and the population of 30 – 40 year old singles is on the rise.In a 2012 article on the increase in Singles Wards in the church, the Huffington Post called it “a crisis of singles”.It seems immature, like we’re in a state of arrested development.” She went onto say, “Maybe part of our immaturity is that we aren’t having sex”.Because the idea of un-channeled adult sexuality makes us nervous, we easily collude in the idea that sexual desires equivalent to a married adult are not really there, shouldn’t be there, or don’t need to be addressed in any meaningful way beyond “I personally don’t believe that the human body is wired to continue into our 30s and 40s in a state of complete sexual repression.As such, it is no surprise that spiritual guidance and instruction is primarily designed to reinforce the standard of marriage, rather than offering an alternative model of sainthood, different from the married version, but valuable and purposeful in the church community, nonetheless.

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Given these realities, it is perhaps not surprising that we are encountering difficulty in retaining our single adults in the church--single adults that are needed and wanted, single adults that add to our strength as a collective.

We unnecessarily diminish singles and under-serve their needs; We also receive too few of their gifts and resources in ministering to the body of Christ.

Singles need a purpose in our faith community beyond enduring to the altar.

However, the active mid-single often believes, due to how the church teaches chastity, that we are supposed to be asexual until we marry.” Of course LDS singles are sexual beings—as we all are.

Like our Parents in Heaven, we are embodied and sexual from birth. Singles are just attempting to forge adult development, inclusive of adult sexual desires and needs, in a context of non-marriage and a belief in chastity.

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