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Only files up to a certain size will be read into memory.

Files exceeding that size will be processed statement by statement.

The replacement is done without checking the syntax of the statements.

You can also manipulate (save, view, upload) the contents of BLOB columns in a result set. is executed, only a summary of the number of executed statements will be displayed, once the script execution has finished.

This is the same behaviour as selecting "Consolidate script log" in the options window.

The called script way may also include other scripts. as parameters for SQL Workbench/J commands) in the script are always resolved to the directory where the script is located, not the current directory of the application.

The reason for excluding MS SQL is, that when creating stored procedures in MS SQL, the procedure parameters are identified using the @ sign, thus SQL Workbench/J would interpret the lines with the variable definition as the Wb Include command.

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