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And old animosities erupt as Parrish's latest pet project literally lights a fire under everyone and threatens to ignite the town.

Apr 30, 2012 Carter (Colin Ferguson) found the Astraeus ship but no crew.

Swan has told our sources that she likes her man to be very humorous and funny. She prefers her man to be an animal lover, especially a dog lover, since she also loves dogs.

She revealed that if a man ever manages to make her laugh on the first date, she is more likely to agree to go on a second date with him. She has a dog named Buddha whom she loves and takes care of like her own child.

He quickly finds himself involved in the town's quirkiest experiments.

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Every wondered what you would do to get a chance with the smoking hot and sexy Canadian actress Serinda Swan??Eureka is a community located deep in the heart of Oregon.The town is filled with employees and scientists that work for GD.Jun 18, 2012 When Allison's genius older brother comes to meet her new husband, Carter feels the pressure of not being smart enough to measure up.But when his intelligence begins to suddenly grow exponentially, Allison has to find out why or risk losing the man she loves for good.

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