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Lolita blurted out the word "incest" when they talked about how they were "thrown together" and sharing the same hotel room as father/daughter.

In the room after dinner, as he removed her ankle-socks, she confided: "If I tell you how naughty I was at camp, promise you won't be mad? I've been such a disgusting girl, just let me tell you." Early the next morning after sleeping in the same bed, in one of the film's most controversial scenes, she turned over and wet-kissed him on the mouth with a French kiss.

As tensions and jealousy continued to rise between the two, he suspected that she had another rival lover like himself ("another mad lover of nymphets") - playwright Clare Quilty (Frank Langella) - who was thought to be following them.

He began to have unsettling disjunctions, dreamy wish fulfillments (mostly to get together with Sofia, or to have a new face), and bewildering reality flips.

(Note: From here on, the film was an "artificial perception" or dream, provided by a cryogenics company to which he was contracted.)In this plot-twisting film about the nature of reality, he 'awoke' lying in a Madrid street - awakened by Sofia's whispered words "Open your eyes" and a kiss.

The first view of young Dolores "Lolita" Haze was sunbathing in the backyard piazza-garden where a lawn sprinkler soaked her pale sundress.

Entranced by the provocative "nymphet," he would daydream about her, lose sleep, and call her a "little deadly demon." Lolita's widowed mother Charlotte Haze (Melanie Griffith) was concerned that her maturing daughter was bothering Humbert, asking: "Is she keeping you up?

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