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By that time, however, the United States had already revived its old project of annexing the region.

From Mexico's point of view, the annexation of Texas to the United States was inadmissible for both legal and security reasons.

The impossibility of reincorporating Texas through military submission of the rebels was already clear in 1843 when the Santa Anna government agreed to sign an armistice.

In that year, the option of negotiations leaning toward recognition of Texan independence began to take shape.

As pointed out in an article in the daily "EI Siglo XIX," the issue of Texas separation and the attempts to bring it back under Mexican sovereignty were used to justify, enhance, tear down or revive the reputations of important figures and political parties, and above all, as an excuse to justify any type of "revolutionary" movement.1 In the same way, efforts during 18 to seek negotiated solutions for avoiding the annexation of Texas to the United States and later, for the war, were denounced by the opposition press as acts of weakness and even treason.

The José Joaquín de Herrera administration, for example, had only very precarious support for negotiating with the Texas government in April and May 1845, and also for receiving envoy John Slidell at the end of that same year.

To this end, the good offices of British representatives in Mexico and Texas were used but this attempt turned out to be too long overdue and unfruitful.

If these very documents are studied in the context of Mexico's internal situation at that time, however, we can see the other side of the coin. Between 1841 and I848, Mexico experienced one of the most critical periods in the formation of its State.The federal republican government was finally restored in 1847, after six presidents had succeeded one another from June 1844 to September 1847.With the exception of Manuel de la Peña y Peña, the rest came to power as a result of popular or military uprisings against their predecessors.The fragile state of authority was therefore an obstacle to any attempt at negotiated solutions.The political limitations characterizing the Mexican governments' negotiating capacity were even acknowledged by U. representatives beginning in 1844, when Secretary Wilson Shannon reported the following to his government with regard to the Texas annexation: "..intelligent Mexicans privately entertain and express opinions favorable to the amicable arrangement of the difficulties...

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