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The service is for all single Orthodox, whether widowed, divorced, or never married, who want to meet one another. Are there any groups within the parish that particularly help them to meet one another? Is there opportunity for them to get together to share problems and concerns particular to single parents and parenting in general from an Orthodox Christian view? Do you think the idea proposed in this article would appeal to Orthodox singles in your community?

Those who would like to find pen-pals and simply establish friendships with others living in similar circumstances can also use this network. Any events that would encourage them to get together? What other ways might help Orthodox singles find each other in the Church? What are ways that a parish can include singles more in its life, tapping their talents, the greater time and energies they may have to share? Would some aspects of the parish life, as it now is, have to change to make singles feel more eager to accept an active role?

It frequently begins so subtly that victims may not realize what is happening. A wonderful time for family, friends, relaxing, and playing.

’ ” says Hoffman, who’s 30, married and lives in Washington Heights.It’s the kosher version of “Friends”: a Web series about six 20-something, Upper West Side singles navigating their way past irritating roommates, overbearing relatives and technological mishaps.That its main characters are a gallant young rabbi named David and his crush, Sarah, an artist — Orthodox Jews both — makes things more interesting.Many singles are also parents who are raising children alone and have special needs for support.While the single parent family functions, most single parents find it incomplete and usually seek to marry again.

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