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"So there was the inner turmoil of thinking, 'My God this is ghastly', but then the point of thinking these two boys are doing this and it must be a million times worse for them. "We would walk a hundred yards and hear people sobbing and then walk round a corner and somebody wailing and shouting out messages of love to Diana or William and Harry, and it was a very, very tricky time." Earl Spencer said he saw the eulogy for his sister as a chance to "speak for somebody who had no longer got a voice", adding: "I don't feel I said many pointed things, I believe that every word I said was true and it was important for me to be honest.

"I wasn't looking to make any jabs at anyone actually, I was trying to celebrate Diana - and if by doing that it showed up particularly the press, I think, in a bad way, well, they had that coming." The Earl said he had re-read the eulogy speech for the first time in 20 years ahead of the BBC interview.

Earl Spencer paid tribute to his sister at Westminster Abbey in 1997, in a highly personal speech which highlighted her difficulties with the media and the Royal Family.

He promised to care for William and Harry, with his reference to the Spencers as Diana's "blood family" seen as deeply wounding to the Windsors.

So that's all." Earl Spencer said the highly personal nature of the eulogy meant he wanted to "protect it before delivering it" so no-one else could have a say in it.

Previously-unseen interviews of Princess Diana recalling intimate details of her marriage to Prince Charles are to be aired for the first time on television.

He said: "The feeling, the sort of absolute crashing tidal wave of grief coming at you as you went down this sort of tunnel of deep emotion, it was really harrowing and I still have nightmares about it now.He also described the feeling of walking behind Diana's coffin in the funeral cortege as the "most horrifying half hour of my life", acknowledging he still has nightmares about the "harrowing" event from 20 years ago.But the Earl said he believed the experience was a "million times worse" for Diana's sons.The pain Diana felt is still heartbreakingly apparent.And she is nothing less than scathing about the woman to was to become her stepmother - Raine, Countess Spencer."I wanted to throttle that stepmother of mine because she brought such grief," says Diana. I didn't know if it was coming next year or next month.

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