Problems validating visa debit card

I reviewed this with my legal advisor, based on that we urge anyone being contacted by: JEFFERSON CAPITAL SYSTEMS, INC.


Actually I have about 10.00 credit because I paid too much to them.

I would have to say that the emblem second chance card is a good opportunity for someone that has defaulted on a past debt and is trying to clean up thier credit.

If you're complaining, then you have probably done something wrong...

I had the same reaction when I was presented with this opportunity that seamed too good to be true. Nearly 2 years later I have managed to boost my credit score by using this card and I have not had a problem with the Emblem card in any way. I RECIEVED THE SAME LETTER AND I WENT AHEAD AND DID THE PROGRAM.

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I actually have two cards from them and have had no problems with either of them.First off I have to say that if a financial advisor told you to pay off an old debt by opening a new credit card, i very strongly suggest you find a new financial advisor.It doesn't take much for one to realize that any company contacting you with threats of legal action for an old unpaid debt while at the same time offering you a new credit card is scamming you. You mentioned Suze Orman and if you are a fan of hers would know that by going to can pull your credit report for free once a year.I recently received a letter from Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC, informing me I was selected for the Emblem*Master Card credit card" fresh start solution program with an opportunity to satisy a debt, and to receive a new Mastercard.Thinking this was legitiment because this company had my account number, the amount of the debt, my address, etc.

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