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For us it is the culmination of the holiday festivities that kicked-off with Thanksgiving.

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No state or city agency monitors what's going on in the majority of the estimated 150 recovery houses in Kensington and Frankford — where about half the recovery houses in the entire city are clustered. Legally, they are private homes that officials can't enter without invitation, said Fred Way, executive director of the Pennsylvania Alliance of Recovery Residences, a nonprofit headquartered in Frankford that evaluates recovery support.

The state has formed a task force to look into regulation of recovery houses across Pennsylvania.

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Stauffer, who is executive director of the Pennsylvania Recovery Organizations Alliance, a nonprofit advocacy agency in Harrisburg, did not return phone calls.AGUADILLA, Puerto Rico — Percida Ramos was losing her son to heroin.The police officer who visited her house by the Caribbean Sea last winter offered hope in the form of a single word: Philadelphia.Puerto Rican sandwich spread (sandwichitos de mezcla) is a staple in every party, event or family gathering in Puerto Rico. It’s a creamy and delish mixture of cheese, luncheon meat, pimentos and cream cheese nicely spread between two slices of white bread.We’re kicking off the new year in true Southern style!

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