Reallifecam direct

I`ve found jquery.js file in catalog but dont know how to use it.

Dit uit zich ondermeer in state-of-the-art Saa S-oplossingen (Software as a Service), begeleiding door ervaren automotive projectmanagers, waarbij enerzijds naar een gezonde marge voor Direct Access wordt gestreefd, en anderzijds naar scherpe tarieven voor 'de klant'.

Video Whisper Live Streaming plugin allows site users and admins to broadcast live streaming channels from various sources (PC webcam, IP cameras, video playlists, mobile and desktop encoder apps).

Live channels can be displayed on website pages in web player with chat, tips or HTML5 HLS for mobile. Functionality is stand alone (without need to use 3rd party services) so specific streaming hosting is required.

Use this software for setting up features like on Twitch TV, Justin TV, UStream tv, Mogulus, Live Stream, Real Life Cam, Stickam, You Now, Blog tv, Live yahoo or their clones and alternatives.

Also can be used in combinations with mobile apps similar to Periscope, Meerkat.

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