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Level 2 Offender – Moderate Risk Level 3 Offender – High Risk Level 4 Offender – Sexually Dangerous Person Q. Please remember that these individuals have served their sentences and are not wanted by the Sheriff’s office at this time. This notification will assist you and your family in avoiding situations that may make you vulnerable.If a picture is available on the website, show it to your family to help them recognize the offender, should they encounter him/her. TELL your parents if this person offers you toys, money or gifts, or speaks to you in a way that makes you uncomfortable.In general terms, tell your children that this person has hurt someone and that they should stay away from this individual. The purpose behind community notification is to reduce the chance of future victimization by better informing the public. The individual who appears on the attached Fact Sheet has been convicted of an offense that requires registration with the Arkansas Crime Information Center.THIS INDIVIDUAL IS NOT WANTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT AT THIS TIME.Purposely tampers with any property of another, thereby causing substantial inconveniences to the owner or some other person.

Position-Shift allows people to shift their public geolocation to protect their privacy and security while on a smart-phone or social network.Places the person under surveillance by remaining present outside his or her school, place of employment, vehicle or another place occupied by that person or resident, other than the residence of the defendant for no other purpose than to harass, annoy or alarm.# 5-38-204 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF IN THE 2ND DEGREEA person commits Criminal Mischief in the 2nd degree if he: 1.Recklessly destroys or damages any property of another.2.Nearly 80% of all sex crimes are committed by someone known to the victim. Is it just a matter of time before the offender commits another crime? While there is no way that anyone can accurately predict the future behavior of another person, past behaviors are an indication of whether an individual, or group, poses a higher risk to the public. Please inform your local Arkansas law enforcement agency of your suspicion, who will inquire and determine the appropriate course of action to be taken. For example, if a driver has speeding tickets, they pose a greater risk to be in a traffic accident than drivers who do not; thus, they pay more for their insurance because they are more likely to get into an accident than non-speeders. In fact, most will not have an acccident; it’s just that they are statistically more likely to have an accident than are other drivers.

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