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This clever, superbly sick-headed ruse is a baptism by fire that pummels you into submission for the mind-blowing ride to come.franchise), who give the film a glowing, children's-book feel.Rather, she is a doozy of a Bizarro World Hillary Clinton.A prologue set two years before the main action introduces Elaine as a former FLOTUS who stood by her cheating man like Tammy Wynette.(Obviously, it’s healthful for a recovering cocaine addict to spend a lot of time in nightclubs, widely renowned for their zero-tolerance policies, as Bianca Jagger will tell you.) You know immediately that T. will relapse when you see Elaine and Bud, reunited for a pre-engagement-party dinner, refuse him the money, but you may not be prepared to absorb audio of the parents discussing the boy's frailties while watching the guy sniff powder in an imperial bathroom.Elaine: "He didn't choose our life, and he doesn't have the strength to withstand it.

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Consider yourself warned that Weaver's character, Madam Secretary Elaine Barrish, is no mere Condi knock-off or Madeleine Albright wannabe.

(Afterward, she promises to inflict violence on his genitals should he try such a stunt again, saying, in subtitled Russian, "I will f--- your shit up. ") Her ex-husband, a lascivious cartoon exhibiting none of his factual counterpart's frisky intelligence or charismatic empathy, concurs that she has a nice butt.

The ex-husband is named Bud Hammond (Ciarán Hinds).

We first see him at the concession speech, where he plays air guitar on stage and leers bug-eyed at cleavage everywhere.

Hinds smothers his Irish burr beneath an unstable gravy of an accent—a growling drawl that ranges freely from LBJ's Texas to Clinton's Arkansas to Boss Hogg's Hazzard County.

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