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Historically, a group of his men attacked Kocoum’s home and killed him shortly after the English kidnapped Pocahontas., Pocahontas teaches John Smith the error of his ways.

He tries to seek a peaceful solution between the natives and his own people and is met with resistance, especially from Governor Ratcliffe.

became Disney’s 33rd animated feature film; the first mainstream Disney film with a Native American heroine.

Due to numerous verifiable historical inaccuracies insulting to native communities, Disney’s “The story is really Pocahontas’s story although we have taken some liberties with it.

Smith must be taken back to England to recover from his injury, resulting in the film’s bittersweet ending.

At that time, there was no one to attest to what he had written.” Disney references the genocide of Native Americans visually and in song After the colonists arrive in Virginia, the medicine man Kekata uses smoke and fire to warn his tribe about the dangers they will bring.

Images appear of the colonists shooting and murdering Native people, including a woman holding a baby.

It is there that she became pregnant and had his child.

When Kocoum sees John Smith kissing Pocahontas in the film, he fights him and is killed by Thomas.

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