Small fish big pond dating

While they may know much more about the field you are working in, chances are you will probably have better IT or social media skills.You will also have new and fresh ideas to bring to the table.Share What You Know No matter how small your level of experience, there is always something you know more about than others.The beauty of being in a working environment is that there is a good level of equality between you and your fellow employees.Keep up-to-date with industry news and read industry magazines, websites and blogs.Your fellow members of staff will probably already do this and will therefore be able to share where the best places are to stay clued up.

"And for an overqualified employee, that expectation has been violated.

This involves implementing new methods and ideas that you think make your tasks more efficient and improve processes in general.

Being relied upon and needed is not only a nice feeling, but it means that you will be more involved in the making of decisions.

This is a stressful experience for employees, which leads to poor psychological wellbeing, such as negative emotions and psychological strain." Employees who feel overqualified are also more likely to engage in deviant behaviors, Harari said.

This might range from coming in late or leaving early to theft or bullying co-workers.

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