Soldier dating another soldiers wife

The Americans heard voices inside and were struck by a tremendously unpleasant smell.“You just can’t find words to describe this kind of situation,” Birnbrey says. We were told to go on and others would take over.” Birnbrey recalls the sight often and admits it has remained in his conscience his whole life.“I’ve been very blessed.” As the patriarch, he has carried the Jewish torch and lit the way for family members.

But fearing their own capture from the advancing Americans, the guards abandoned their prisoners. It was so horrible, so unsightly, dirty, filthy, ugly. He published A Train Near Magdeburg: A Teacher's Journey, Backwards Into the Holocaust in 2016. It was amazing where these people came from – some lived in Israel, some in America.“We could never find a single German soldier who knew what was going on,” he says ironically. Back home in the United States, Birnbrey, an accountant, went to law school on the GI Bill that provided educational assistance for veterans.Henry Birnbrey at his grandson’s wedding He and his wife, Rebecca, raised two sons and two daughters – all committed Jews.More than four million people received the decoration.But there was one fact about him that makes the recommendation remarkable: he was Jewish.

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