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It has the same vibe as the Heller series but much more FUNNY!! fantabulous (Mane Event has been a favorite re-read of mine for years).”“It is sweet, funny, SO clever, and sexy and I’m only at 44% but just wanted to rave about it to someone!They are about ‘Stephanie Plum’ who works for her cousin Vinny as an amateur bounty hunter. The blurb doesn’t do it justice, so it is turning out to be the best book surprise of the summer for me. ”“Neanderthal seeks human is absolutely a laugh out loud novel a really great read good character developments and loveable witty writing!Not sure if it’s on your TBR list or not but it’s really quite laugh out loud funny and creative so far! ”” and Ashley loves it, too: “I would, however, HIGHLY recommend the entire Beautiful Bastard series by C. I actually had tears rolling down my face and laughing so hard at section in the book, that I could not even get past that page for at least 5 minutes.(place in book-2nd time that Holland is mentioned) That is not the only place that made me laugh, there are many other parts in the book that had me laughing. Bader had me giggling just like all them in the book! Grey: The Bad Boy Billionaires series by Max Monroe!

It’s about a woman who is the Grim Reaper (not a spoiler, you know that from the first page), and a private investigator. Anything You Can Do The Foxe & the Hound They’re standalone but have characters in common. My favorite though is her Divorced series which sits on my keeper shelf.

And I noticed, even the funny ones induce butterflies in my stomach and can (and often are) just as steamy as the rest of ‘em. Becca: There are so many books out there that make me want to cry, scream, hide in a closet with a shot gun and supply of ho-ho’s, and just choke a b*tch out. So I was wondering if you have any recommendations for books that just make us laugh out loud. There are quite a few in the bunch that already have me giggling with glee in anticipation! so hopefully that little discussion will give you an idea. And Jennifer loved it, too: “” (my review of The Plan) Playing For Keeps (A Neighbor From Hell Series) by R. Mathewson Nothing better than a neighbor from “hell”.

This list has been a long-time coming, and so frequently asked for. Bobbi: I am looking for something funny similar to the likes of Wallbanger (seriously, if you haven’t read it yet you need to do so ASAP), Tangled, Neighbor from Hell series, etc. Wallbanger by Alice Clayton One of my #1 funny read favorites! Kristi: Oh Drew and his mouth or his inner monologues!!! I didn’t say all my books were clean just want an easy read before I get into my dirty ones. This is from a male’s POV, and he’s all sorts of playboy-bad (but hilarious with his dirty mouth and even dirtier thoughts). (check out my review of Tangled and the Tangled Series Reading Order) The Plan by Qwen Salsbury My latest favorite book and it was a comedy romance to boot! No this isn’t “paranormal” but it it’s everything I love in a love/hate relationship.

There is also a very mysterious alpha male, and you know a little more about him in each book. All three books are really funny and fast paced and just wonderful!

A very fun series, I definitely recommend it.” (here’s the series reading order)“Jane Graves is pretty freaking Hilarious…I adore her “Tall Tales and Wedding Veils” (The Couple get drunk and married in. Not sure if this is for only indie books but the Shopaholic series by Sophia Kinsella had me laughing and swooning, and are my favorite romcom books I’ve read.

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