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If they like the smell, they’ll want to get closer to you. When you shake hands with men or women, the smell transfers. Your clothes should be presentable – not faded and old, but clean, pressed and free of wrinkles, odors, dog/cat hair, etc. Just this evening in a fancy shopping mall I saw very pretty girl, dressed impeccably with a young man dressed in a terribly wrinkled undershirt. My Dad told me once that he took a girl to a movie, followed up with a great meal at a restaurant. Ask for a date at least 3-7 days before the day you want to take her out. Guys can throw on a new shirt and think they’re over dressed! Did you know some girls can spend an entire day getting ready for a date with you?

Just make certain it’s well groomed and trimmed.) (When I was a kid we used Brylcream, “a little dab‘ll do ya.” It made my hair greasy, so when I put my head against the chalkboard, it left a big greasy stain. Between hair cuts, the hair on your lower neck gets long and ugly. However, belching is opening your mouth to show off your mellow tone. Cross off the names of all classy girls on your list. But his breath was horrible – horrible all the time – an immediate turn-off and disqualifier. Burping is easy to do silently and without opening your mouth. (You probably won’t pay her back anyway.) Security is why ladies prefer guys with jobs, good grades are athletic and talented. Finally, he’d wait ‘til the wind had carried away any odor, before reentering the car. At a well-known restaurant, one of the owners made pizza out in the open, so everyone could see. Nobody (male or female) wants to see what’s in your mouth or get hit with spray from your saliva glands. Because he was my good friend, I told him the truth. (Advanced Hint: Peroxide on the toothbrush before putting on toothpaste, helps kill bacteria causing bad breath. Its rough surface stores bacteria and old stinky food.) b. Regular sugar leaves a bad aftertaste and contributes to bad breath the next morning.) Thought: Chewing gum with your mouth closed is less noisy and classier that chewing with your mouth open. Avoid foods that cause bad breath like onions and garlic especially before a date. Someone I know used, used to stop his car, turn the radio up, then go to the back of the car to check “something” and let ‘er rip! Girls say dried snot (boogers) and picking your nose is disgusting! One of my best friends had been working for a company for years. He not only didn’t have any girl friends, but no one could stand to be around him. (A sweetener like Xylitol is natural and helps prevents cavities.

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    What is now the Metro-North Railroad's New Haven Line, running from Manhattan, New York City, to Greenwich, Connecticut, first came through Harrison in 1848, though the first station was not built until 1870.

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    But I got the feeling that you were beginning to think I didn’t exist. And I wanted to let you know that while I might be as elusive as a unicorn grazing in a field of four-leaf clovers, I’m close. Have a great weekend and come back on Monday for a juicy reader question from a woman who is ready to toss in the towel on men.

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    The new atom doesnt form the same kinds of chemical bonds that the old one did. It may not even be able to hold the parent atoms place in the compound it finds itself in, which results in an immediate breaking of the chemical bonds that hold the atom to the others in the mineral. In the next part of this article, Ill examine several different radiometric dating techniques, and show how the axioms I cited above translate into useful age measurements. C14 is also formed continuously from N14 (nitrogen-14) in the upper reaches of the atmosphere.