Telugu sex chat role play

Uzma: Its tasty Uzma: N amazing Hotplayboybd: thank you Hotplayboybd: every girl loves it Uzma: Are u ready to release Hotplayboybd: faster and speeder you are licking Hotplayboybd: ohhhh Uzma: But i love it the most Hotplayboybd: m gonna cum in your mouth Uzma: I start increasing the speed Hotplayboybd: ahhhhhh Hotplayboybd: u wanna drink my cum sweety?

Uzma: Rub my boobs on ure chest Uzma: Yes i do Hotplayboybd: ahhhhhh Hotplayboybd: i hold your head tight and cum into your mouth Uzma: Ahhhh Uzma: Mmm Hotplayboybd: how does it taste?

Uzma: This is soooo good Uzma: I lock ure lips against mine so that u can even taste it Hotplayboybd: now u stand up and we are kissing Hotplayboybd: your boobs rub against my chest Hotplayboybd: they are so soft Uzma: Ure fingers over my wet pussy Hotplayboybd: i am kissing your neck, cheeks, ear, below on your navels Hotplayboybd: your panty gets so wet Uzma: MWah Hotplayboybd: now m pressing your both boobs Hotplayboybd: and smelling your panty Uzma: U push me on the sofa Uzma: I open my Legs for u Hotplayboybd: i rmv ur panty and buried my face on your pussy Hotplayboybd: started suck and tickle it Uzma: My other lips want u Uzma: Ohh Hotplayboybd: and touch your clitris Uzma: Ahhhhhh Hotplayboybd: i m giving you a tongue fuck now Uzma: Ure soooo good Hotplayboybd: with more speed m licking your pussy juice Uzma: I move a lil to give u a perfect grip Hotplayboybd: also fingering your pussy Uzma: Ahhhh Hotplayboybd: you want my finger in your asshole too baby?

Uzma: Be slow sir, Its my first Hotplayboybd: sure honey Uzma: No it will hurrt me i whine Hotplayboybd: now i m sucking your pussy at the fullest speed Uzma: Ahhhh Hotplayboybd: juices are flowing from it Uzma: Ouch Hotplayboybd: also fingering it speeder and faster Uzma: Im gonna cum Uzma: Ouch Hotplayboybd: you got a pink asshole also.

nd you are jumping on my cock Uzma: R u liking it Hotplayboybd: its fucking you so easily now Hotplayboybd: o yeah baby Hotplayboybd: i love tight pussy Uzma: Ahhh Uzma: I jump up n down Hotplayboybd: i am pressing your boobs now and rubbing your back Hotplayboybd: you bcum faster now Uzma: My boobs in the air Hotplayboybd: with great speed Uzma: I keep moaning Hotplayboybd: you bent down so i can lick and bite your boobs Hotplayboybd: ahhhhhhh Hotplayboybd: i am gonna cum again baby Hotplayboybd: ow i m gonna fuck you in doggy style Uzma: I take your dick Hotplayboybd: you took position on the sofa Uzma: Give u a handjob Hotplayboybd: i stand behind you and started fuck you again Uzma: Ahhhh Uzma: I cry Hotplayboybd: pressing your boobs from below and holding your hairs very tight Uzma: I can feel ure abt to burst Hotplayboybd: you fucking whore Hotplayboybd: i will fuck you bitch Uzma: Fuck me more Hotplayboybd: you nasty cheap whore Hotplayboybd: ahhhhh Hotplayboybd: saying i increase my speed Hotplayboybd: oh yeah you daughter of fucking bitch Uzma: More Hotplayboybd: ahhhhh Uzma: U can do better Uzma: Ah Hotplayboybd: m also fingering your asshole Uzma: Release in me Uzma: Ahhhh Uzma: Wow ure good Hotplayboybd: o yeah you fucking bith Hotplayboybd: bitch Hotplayboybd: want more Hotplayboybd: ?

Uzma: A lot more Hotplayboybd: i will make you the whole college bitch Hotplayboybd: oh yeah i m fucking you at a great speed Uzma: But i wanna be ure bitch Hotplayboybd: o hhhhhhh Hotplayboybd: ahhhhhhhh baby Hotplayboybd: i m gonna cum now Uzma: Do it in me Uzma: Go deeper Uzma: Um stroking ure dick Uzma: Ahhhh Hotplayboybd: oh yeah Hotplayboybd: ahhhhhhhhhh Hotplayboybd: i amd releasing my cum noe you bitch Hotplayboybd: oh yeah Uzma: I pull u closee Uzma: Ohh Hotplayboybd: i pressed your boobs so hard now and released my cum Uzma: Yor warmth in me feels soooo good Hotplayboybd: hmm Hotplayboybd: thanks Hotplayboybd: i love your pussy too Uzma: Ahhh Hotplayboybd: did you enjoy it honey? thank you too Uzma: gonna cum the third time Uzma: you?

Uzma: Im sooo horny right now Uzma: In wearing a t shirt n shorts Hotplayboybd: hmm cool Uzma: Lets have a role play Uzma: Teacher n student?

Hotplayboybd: ok Hotplayboybd: wc Hotplayboybd: u teacher or student role?

or u will get cold Uzma: Are u sure u wont mind it sir Hotplayboybd: no baby.i keep fingering your pussy and asshole and sucking both them Hotplayboybd: mmm baby u are so tasty Uzma: U cum in ure mouth Hotplayboybd: i inserted my tongue in your asshole ahhh what a smell Uzma: I0Uzma: I*Hotplayboybd: i m drinking your pussy juice Hotplayboybd: and keep fingering very deeper now Uzma: Ohh how is it u greedy dog Uzma: I moan Uzma: Louder n louder Hotplayboybd: now i take my position to fuck you Uzma: Pls be slow Uzma: Its my first Uzma: I get scared Hotplayboybd: i keep my cock on your pussy Hotplayboybd: dont worry baby Hotplayboybd: i give a inserts half Uzma: I try to move but u pin me down Uzma: Ouch Hotplayboybd: with full force i inserted the full cock.You don't have to become a "member" or "register" or "sign in" to get access to the conversations, lesson plans and worksheets on this site !One student sits at a desk, at the front of the classroom, with lots of make-up stuff spread out in front of him.

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