Tips on dating chinese men

The actual experience of dating in China can also be somewhat different.For example, you’ll often see Chinese couples wearing matching outfits, which is almost unheard of in the West.This is a big part of why dating is often taken so seriously.Chinese young people often feel like they don’t have the time to “play the field” that their Western counterparts are afforded by society.

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Beautiful and healthy children matter In China wedding is seen as the door to children: you get married means automatitcaly that you have children.

A Chinese friend even told me once that his boss at work said to him: "You are a model for all Chinese men and you take revenge for all Chinese men".

I believe that many Chinese men have an inferiority complex. They want to be as tall, as strong, as "handsome"... I personnaly believe that many Chinese men are stronger or more handsome than western men!

However most Chinese men would certainly take pride in dating a foreign girlfriend if not for the long run.

Some of my Chinese friends who are going out with french girls were congratulated as heros as they came to China with their girlfriend!

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