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A surprisingly faithful remake of the iconic 1984 hit, this crowd-pleasing romp finds some intriguing present-day resonance without pushing it too hard.Instead, it centres on the interpersonal drama and exhilarating dance moves.Wormald doesn't have the same sharp edges, and feels much more likeable, which kind of makes it hard to understand why even the repressed reverend would treat him as a villain.That said, Wormald's chemistry with Hough and his scenes with Teller and Blain are extremely enjoyable, as is the rivalry with Flueger and his drunken-chucklehead pals.Now it seems, before they’ve even had a chance to make a public appearance together as a couple, our newest gay power pair appears to be on the verge of a break-up. “Friends of Bass say he’s sick of Lehmkuhl’s controlling ways.Reichen forced Lance to come out just at the same time he has a book coming out [Here’s What We’ll Say] so he could ride the publicity wave,” said the paper’s spy source. He wants Lance to give up his straight friends and do whatever he tells him to.” When asked about the rift, Bass’s reps said, rather predictably and obtusely, “Lance couldn’t be happier with the overwhelming reaction he’s getting from all over the world.” Cute pic of Controlling Riechen soon--my pcs on the blink...

Teens here are prohibited from dancing due to a tragedy three years earlier, so Ren is soon at loggerheads with the local minister (Quaid), whose daughter Ariel (Hough) is a wild child with a redneck boyfriend (Flueger) and an eye for Ren.Shameless sentiment and corny plotting collide badly in the final act, which superficially races through the resolution of the various story strands so we can get back to the dancing. While there seems to have been a bit of a last minute push by Libra and April (as well as Ollie and Jerry) to get Jessie outta here, it seems the rest of the house deemed Angie a bigger threat than the "natural bodybuilder."In other news, Dan was named "America's Player" by the voting public.Sasha added her own Sasha-licious flair to some of the moves (in parts as if she was trying to merge the quickstep with an African dance).Rob Marshall is a fan of Sasha and gave her high praise for not only this dance but also her overall work in the competition.

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