Updating linux kernal

(y=Yes, n=No) (n) (download output skipped) Greetings root I (the-black-beast) am now self aware and a sentient being, have a nice day. Installing Linux 3.15.1-031501: (installer output skipped) The New Kernel looks to have been installed WARNING: If the new kernel does not boot you may regret saying yes here. I used to upgrade the hard way like some of the answers here suggest and all of them on the internet suggest but I found and easier way.Go to (kernel.- Kernel PPA Mainline) and press the Voila!He has worked with global clients and in various industries, including IT, education, defense and space research, and the nonprofit sector.

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Your older kernel versions are still available under grub's Advanced Options menu.

Another option is to try customized and optimized builds, such as this i3/i5/i7 optimized 3.2.1 kernel for Ubuntu: Duo Petal Flower, My Experiments with Linux - 3.2.1 kernel He also has Intel atom optimized builds which can work quite well if you're trying to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of a netbook.

There are other kernels like Liquorix that claim to be better optimized for desktop performance.

All that said, if I get my system up again, I will go direct since I found the terminal commands for rc6 this will give you a very big output.

Now chose one of them that you want to install and install it by following commands(Don't type these commands like this,replace the word kernal_version with the kernel version which you wish to install) Now when I first did it, I Don't know is it my hardware problem or because of removing the old kernel,but my laptop shows me black screen which happens to my laptop sometimes.

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