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Basically, what I’ve done here is set up the IP address of as the test IP to ping.

The moment the router can’t ping Google for over 1000 seconds, it will automatically reboot itself.

Think about it – the hardware is the same, the setup is the same, but the capabilities and features of this router are now far beyond anything I thought possible with a Linksys.

Speaking of monitoring, you can also see all active users connected to your wireless network by clicking on the “Wireless” tab and scrolling down to the “Clients” area.

I don’t know if I’d have the guts to try and overclick my lowly Linksys, but then again it’s so cheap, what do I have to lose?

Another cool feature is under the Administration menu and “WOL” tab – you can set up specific hosts on your network with Wake on LAN (assuming the network card has that feature available).

The funny thing about my decision to write this article is that I am not really much of a router connoisseur.

The extent of my router explorations amounted to me walking into the computer store, selecting the second-cheapest router I could find (usually a Linksys), and calling it good.

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