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Sure, smaller and lighter is a Sony win, but it comes at a big handling price. Fixed pattern noise is one if you get too aggressive with ISO or pushing shadows.Compressed raw still reduces bit count and produces highlight edge artifacts.Both can do that, but the Nikon D850 is just better. We also never got a useful firmware upgrade that delivered things like D9 Autofocus Area mode (let alone fixed the battery/lockups). Thus, what we have is Fujifilm approaching Nikon in many things, but not quite getting fully there yet. It's gotten enough of the D5 goodness layered on what should have been the D400 body that it truly works much like a mini-D5.

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But they have it in spades these days: most Fujifilm X buyers are former Nikon DX users. If you're already shooting with a mount, stay in the mount (e.g.

Sony is still missing critical elements that make a camera fully usable in the field (With apologies to Don Ho: "Tiny buttons, on the body, make me feel unhappy, makes me feel shoddy...").

From the standpoint of ergonomics alone, the D850 just is in a different class than the Sony. Sony still has some strange minor anomalies in their sensor.

("Be happy" in the Sony realm means "happy with what I've got and what I expect Sony to deliver in future lenses.")As an event-only shooter where fast 200mm is about the focal length limit of what you need, I might modify my recommendation a bit and lean slightly towards the Sony A9.

First, that's where Sony's lens energy has been and pays off the most.

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