Note that setting or unsetting a mediator, changing a variant or facet, fixing a package, or reverting a file can also involve installing, updating, or uninstalling packages.

A new BE or a backup BE might be created automatically when you install, update, or uninstall a package.

If a license must be accepted to proceed, that license is displayed even if you do not specify the option to indicate that you agree to and accept the terms of the licenses of the packages that are updated or installed.

If you do not provide this option and any package licenses require acceptance, the required license is displayed and the installation operation fails.


If that publisher does not provide a version of the package that can be installed in this image, then the installation operation fails.

Without this option, a BE is created based on image policy.

To explicitly request the newest version, use for the version portion of the package FMRI.

Without this option, a backup BE is created based on image policy.

See Boot Environment Policy Image Properties for an explanation of when backup BEs are created automatically.

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